Infusion Pump Syringe Pump

  • Syringe pump SUN-500 cheap icu portable safe electric infusion syringe pump

    Syringe pump SUN-500 cheap icu portable safe electric infusion syringe pump

    * 4.3 inches large LCD screen, with different colors show.

    * With LCD backlight, can use in various lighting conditions.

    * Time display, convenience for show and time memory. 

    * Simultaneous display: Time, Battery, Injection State, Mode, Speed, Injection volume and time, Syringe size, Alarm sound,Block,Accuracy, Body weight, Durg, Dose and Liquid amount.

    * Remote control function, can adjust speed, time, volume and drug amonut directly, easier operation, save doctor and nurse’s time.

    * Advanced technology, mainly based on Linux system, more safe and steady. All technical are designed by ourselves, further update is available.

    * Multi injection modes: V mode, T mode, and body weight mode. 

    * Alarm: including all abnormal conditions alarm system, with visible, audible and details show on the screen.

  • Infusion pump in hospital and clinic

    Infusion pump in hospital and clinic

    Large LCD display, with backlight, suitable for working in various ambient light conditions.

    Disposable IV set of any brand is suitable for this pump

    Three working modes: Rate/Volume/Time mode

    Purge, KVO function

    Heating function is optional, suitable for infusing in winter or there is requirement for the medication temperature.

    Central monitoring system is optional, the infusing status of each pump is displayed in real time at the central station through wireless transmission.

    Simple and convenient in operating, intuitive presence of working status.

    Audible and Visible alarms

    Alarm: Infusion Complete, Empty, Faulty Signal, Misoperation, Occlusion, Door Open, Air Bubble, Low Battery, Setting Error, AC power off, Idle.