• Post time: Jun-01-2021

           May.21 is Sunbright super festival, which give all the customers the super welfare. We bring our warmest greetings, biggest discounts, best quality products and best service. We are in one world, we wish to spread love to everyone. Love is a forever subject for hu...Read more »

  • Precisely Controlled Dosage Type Infusion Pump And Syringe Pump From Sunbright
    Post time: Oct-13-2020

    The wrong dose of medicine used by hospital nurses often leads to serious medical accidents. Therefore, Xuzhou Sunbright Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has launched two economical syringe infusion pump,which is infusion pump SUN-900 and syringe pump SUN-500 that strictl...Read more »

  • Sunbright Grandly Launched The Pixiu Series Of Patient Monitors
    Post time: Sep-27-2020

    Medical patient monitor is a device or system that measures and controls the physiological parameters of the patient, and doctors can compare with the known set value, it will alarm remind if it exceeds the limit.  According to the structure, it is grouped four categorie...Read more »

  • New Era Starts From Sunbright Decade Carnival
    Post time: Sep-27-2020

    Multipara patient monitor is a medical equipment or system that measures and controls the physiological parameters of the patient, and can compare with the set value, and can send out an alarm if it exceeds the limit.  We now have one new arrival multiparameter monitor: ...Read more »

  • Sunbright High Quality ECG Machine: Application Principle And Function
    Post time: Sep-27-2020

    ECG is a technology that uses an electrocardiograph to record the changes in the electrical activity of the heart during each cardiac cycle from the body surface. Features Different channels available: 3-channel ECG, 6-channel ECG 7 inch color LED display touch screen S...Read more »

  • Popular Science: What is an ultrasonic machine?
    Post time: Sep-27-2020

    Whether it is a health checkup or a visit to the hospital, the doctor always asks the patient for an ultrasound examination. Most people’s understanding of ultrasound machine is used for testing pregnant women . In fact, ultrasound machine is not just only used for pregn...Read more »

  • Decade Of Sword: Sunbright Ultrasound Machine Think More Than You
    Post time: Sep-27-2020

    SUN-906A/B/C series is the independent research and development product by Xuzhou Sunbright Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. In the time of precipitation, constant polishing and clinical test, since SUN-906A/B/C series was introduced, it has rewarded the high reputation a...Read more »